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2 hours ago

Its Saterday, great day to not have to cook, but still get some great home cookin.

3 hours ago

The river is now running past the ranch. It is small and peaceful right now, but more rain is predicted, so please be cautious if you use the back road.

23 hours ago

Had to post this once again! Thank you all for your hard work.

1 day ago

If anybody is going to Alamogordo in the next couple of days, I need 4 bags of "New York STyle Bagel cHips," PLAIN please. You can find them at Albertsons in the deli section, on the bottom shelf. I ... See more

1 day ago

Memorial for Jim Ackermann - There will be a casual gathering and memorial for Jim this Sunday at 2:00 pm at the 9th hole (near the High Country Lounge and the horseshoe pits), Timberon Golf Course. ... See more

2 days ago

We have gotten several Pre recorded phone calls telling us as parents of a band member in the Cloudcroft school system about a meeting in the band room tomorrow. I believe a phone number is wrong. ... See more

2 days ago

Talent Lips show Sunday, Sept. 4 th @. 6 pm
Come one, Come all and support the Children's boosters and have a great time with us Grown-ups too! Donations Welcome.
Vote on your favorite act and ... See more

2 days ago

i truly detest it when a person lies and tells someone else that i called them on the phone and told them all kinds of things about someone else and what there doing in there personal life when i ... See more

2 days ago

Does anyone have Pastor Ledbetter's phone number!?

2 days ago

If anyone needs a babysitter, ever, let me know! I'm living up here full-time and am free most days, actually. Even if you are not a resident here I'm available Saturday nights and the like! Message ... See more

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ForestScaping We can help!
3 weeks ago

2 months ago

ForestScaping is a Timberon property service. Whether your land in Timberon is for investment, retirement, or vacations... we can help make it what you want and need. Some of the things we do are... ... See more

2 months ago
ForestScaping Example 2

Before and after photos of a more aggressive ForestScaping job next to the folks home that you can actually see in the second photo.

2 months ago
ForestScaping Example 1

A before and after of a Timberon lot that was thinned and cleaned up with forest health in mind. The smaller, sick, and deformed trees were removed... as was all the downed deadwood. ForestScaping a ... See more

2 months ago

During the thinning grants in TImberon, James Ross and I worked as Woodbusters along with my wife Kim Duckett.

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