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17 hours ago

Ben's mask...made at workshop by Winter Joan Iverson! Lots of creative people in Timberon.

17 hours ago

Fire doesn't slow Nan down....working again! ...appointment book is open and ready!...photo by Joan Eerkes!

19 hours ago

Timberon Café
Friday July 29th 11-2
$9.00 Lunch Special
Catfish Nuggets
Cole Slaw
Hush Puppies
Orange Poke Cake

Make reservations to make sure we have yours 987-2220. Leave a message on the ... See more

21 hours ago

Invitation! ***Please come celebrate Bonnie's Birthday! 3 pm on Thursday, the 28th of July at the Timberon swimming pool! ***Bonnie will be 11 years old! Come have some cake and wish her well! :) ... See more

1 day ago

My Rant..
I laugh when I hear 'All Lives Matter' because the truth is 'No Lives Matter' where is our health care? Where is our education? Where is our justice for all? Where is our equality? Where ... See more

1 day ago
Otero County New Mexico



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2 days ago

Does anyone know if the pool reopened?

2 days ago

Tomberon cafe will be closed until Friday. Dental surgery is not fun.

2 days ago

If we want to camp in Timberon, where can we do that? We have a pop up

2 days ago

Did anyone attend the New OHV Regulations meeting at the Cloudcroft Ranger Station on the 14th and if so, please give a report.

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ForestScaping We can help!
1 month ago

ForestScaping is a Timberon property service. Whether your land in Timberon is for investment, retirement, or vacations... we can help make it what you want and need. Some of the things we do are... ... See more

1 month ago
ForestScaping Example 2

Before and after photos of a more aggressive ForestScaping job next to the folks home that you can actually see in the second photo.

1 month ago
ForestScaping Example 1

A before and after of a Timberon lot that was thinned and cleaned up with forest health in mind. The smaller, sick, and deformed trees were removed... as was all the downed deadwood. ForestScaping a ... See more

1 month ago

During the thinning grants in TImberon, James Ross and I worked as Woodbusters along with my wife Kim Duckett.

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