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Forestry & Landscaping

After the last “big windstorm” some areas look as though a bomb went off, trees fallen everywhere.  But even if you fared well during the storm, there are still issues everyone faces when owning mountain property.  Ask us to come over and look, we give free estimates and can help you with –

  • Access to Your Property.  Sometimes it is just plain impossible to even get on your land.  We can push out of the way, or remove completely, anything between the road and your property.  We can make it so you can drive in and actually use your land.  However, we are not contractors and cannot build a driveway or road.  We cannot haul in gravel or install a culvert pipe, but will give you a list of those who can.
  • Clean-up and Removal.  If you have dead trees, fallen trees, and excessive brush – we can help.  Mark the trees you want to keep and we will get rid of the rest.  If you want to do some of the work yourself, we can just load and haul it away or chip it.  Timber can be kept and used as firewood or lumber, and we can do both for you.
  • Tree Health.  Belonging to New Mexico Tree Farmers, we have extensive experience in forest health.  Diseased and damaged trees need to be removed.  Trees must not be overcrowded and we know how to thin in a way that will hopefully make both them and you happy.  Again, there are lots of things you can do with the cut trees.
  • Reducing Fire Danger.  Forest fires are a terrible thing in the mountains.  Thinning your trees to reduce fire danger is much more extensive than that for tree health.  We can do this for you, and sometimes there is grant money available to help offset the cost.
  • Hazard Trees.  These are trees that are leaning over, or can fall on something important and should be removed.  The Electric Coop, if called, should send someone out for trees endangering power lines.  We do not cut hazard trees, but we provide you with a list of those that will.



Home Inspection

When selling or buying a home, inspection reports are becoming more common.  We are very knowledgeable in construction and the specific points to address when dealing with mountain structures.  We visually inspect a home using all the current industry standards. This is a complete visual inspection with extensive use of photos, results (charge $250 + tax) provided via hard copy and electronic.  We are also available to assist (charge $50 + tax) whoever performs the septic inspection, in the homeowner’s absence.  Septic tank inspections are now mandatory for all home sales in New Mexico.



Lot Inspection

Do you need to know more about a lot bought 30 years ago, or maybe are considering buying or selling a lot.  Sometimes it is helpful to have a local, informed person look over the property.  We charge $100 + tax to do the following –

  • Find Property Corners.  During the original survey all the corners should have been marked with buried re-bar stakes and recorded on the section plat.  We will find these stakes, check them against the angles and measurements of the property, and mark them.  If we cannot find all the stakes, or if some do not exist (this has been known to happen) you will need a surveyor.  We are not surveyors and do not survey, but can only locate and mark existing stakes on your property.
  • Inspect, take Photos and Geo-Locate.  We will email/mail you the results of a visual inspection with photos and observations of the property, and provide the latitude and longitude so it can be viewed online.
  • Determine Availability and Access.  The value of any property is affected by location.  We will report if there are utilities readily available, or how far away they are, and applicable costs.  The condition, importance, and in some cases the existence of the roads around the property will be reported.